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The interDependence Agency offers information workshops and strategic consultancy services focused on the implications of a rapidly changing climate to support its not-for-profit work.

What we do


At the interDependence Agency, we collaborate with local government and organisations by providing consultancy services to help them adapt to climate change and formulate credible responses to the Climate Emergency.


By taking a holistic approach, we focus on delivering inclusive climate action with solutions that are low carbon, climate-resilient, and linked to mitigation policy.


We specialise in empowering organisations by providing strategic advisory and design thinking services centred on transformational adaptation or ‘deep adaptation’. 


Transformational adaptation means designing and advocating for sustainable and holistic systems while increasing climate resilience.


Deep adaptation means proposing and evaluating responses in the context of the climatic changes that we have already locked into the system, and those we are likely to trigger on our current path.


We will work with you and your team to assess the implications of the latest climate change science and data, perform scenario analysis and subsequent strategic planning before moving onto an action plan.


Climate Leadership - in the context of the latest data to increase awareness of risk and reduce vulnerabilities.


Scenario Analysis - understand the implications of climate change for local authorities and organisations and to prompt longer-term strategic thinking about risks and opportunities.


Strategic Planning - ensuring adaptation measures are sustainable and future proof. E.g. consider whether your management of climate risks will negatively affect the ability of your community or the natural environment to adapt to climate change. 


Action - translating ideas into actions. Help to prioritise actions to ensure value for money and maximising impact.

Services offered and tailored to the needs of each organisation:

- Does your leadership team want more information on the climate emergency and its implications?

- Are you and your leadership team fully aware of the implications of a climate that is above 2°C (our current trajectory)?

- Are you and your leadership team fully aware of the implications of runaway climate change?

- Does your leadership team or other members of your organisation need training or support in this area?

- Do you or your leadership team need help in thinking through your strategy and formulating responses for different scenarios?

To arrange a consultation call to discuss your needs, please email or use the contact form.

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