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interDependence Model Overview

The interDependence Model was initially developed in response to the Global Challenges Foundation 2017 call for proposals seeking new governance models capable of addressing global challenges, existing and emerging.


The purpose of interDependence Model is to offer a vision for upgrading our societal operating model to one that is equitable, accountable and sustainable.


At its core, it envisages a unifying value system and governance model grounded in an acknowledgement of the interdependence between society’s structures and the planet upon which we all depend for our survival. 


Concretely, a declaration of interdependence would mean redefining societal purpose from ‘GDP growth’ to ‘maximising the health of society, people and planet’. 


This concept has been neatly articled by Kate Raworth in her book Doughnut Economics, which was voted "Best Book of 2017: Economics” by the Financial Times. 


The diagram below illustrates a model for a ‘new goal’: meeting the needs of all within the means of the planet.

Imagine if our values, laws and policy decisions were driven by a desire to safeguard against behaviours that materially threaten the way of life for any other member of society while respecting the rights and freedoms of different cultures and individuals. 

Model Overview
interDependence Blueprint

The suggested blueprint for a transition towards a socio-economic model grounded in an acknowledgement of our interdependence is as follows:


1. Shift away from ‘GDP growth’ as society’s focus to a more holistic measure of ‘maximising the health of society, people and planet’. 


2. Create a digital platform - free from advertising and corporate interests - that facilitates collaboration within communities and specifically promotes the development of local projects which increase resilience, and food and energy security. This is the interDependence Network project.


3. Launch a new form of asset-backed digital money that enables everyone to help fund - and benefit from - the transition to a more sustainable society. Invest the proceeds from the sale of this new digital money in local sustainable food production, renewable energy, and housing infrastructure assets. Enable holders of this digital money to pay for food, energy, housing produced using their investment through the interDependence Network. This is the interDependence Bond project.

interDependence Network

Whereas social media platforms such as Facebook connect people to those they already know, the purpose of the interDependence Network is to enable people to communicate with those around them and facilitate collaboration and mutual aid.


The interDependence Network does this by making it easy for individuals to communicate with others in their local area, for those in need of help to be able to request it, and for those who have time to volunteer to be able to easily find who needs help and earn redeemable credits for doing so. 


The Network enables people to start or find projects in their local area. For example, those with space to grow food can list their space on the Network and connect with those who have the time and knowledge to create and manage urban food growing projects. 


Longer-term, the vision is to enable a digital ‘swap shop’ enabling users to gift, lend or exchange items or services with others and earn credits for doing so.


The interDependence Network is designed to connect communities and provide the tools needed to facilitate greater collaboration, rather than to bombard its users with advertising. The platform will always remain free from advertising and corporate interests.

interDependence Bond

The interDependence Bond is a new digital currency designed to enable everyone to help fund - and benefit from - the transition to a more sustainable society. 


At least 80% of funds raised from the sale of the interDependence Bonds will be invested in local sustainable food production, housing and renewable energy infrastructure. The remaining 20% will be invested in climate solutions and digital tools that enable greater community cohesion and climate resilience, such as connecting people to others around them who want to take action on climate change.


In the same way that money used to be backed by gold under the ‘gold standard’, the value of each interDependence Bond is backed by a portfolio of sustainable infrastructure assets held by the interDependence Agency on behalf of interDependence Bondholders. Bondholders will be able to exchange their Bonds for food or energy produced using their investment through the interDependence Network.

Bond Diagram flow.001.png
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